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adaptiveoptics.org provides news and information for the world-wide adaptive optics community.
Contact: webmaster@adaptiveoptics.org.

Further Information
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About This Site

  Adaptiveoptics.org provides news and information for the world-wide adaptive optics community.  
•   The News section provides news from the last year or so about adaptive optics projects and commercial products.  
•   The Conferences section lists upcoming conferences and workshops with an AO theme.   Fourier Optics, Goodman
•   The Jobs section lists job vacancies relevant to adaptive optics researchers.  
•   The Grants & Awards section provides links to funding agencies, searched for AO-related grants where a search through a URL is available.  
•   The Business News section provides news about investment and company acquisition activity.  
•   The Books & Journals page lists the leading monographs on adaptive optics, several significant recent conference proceedings, and research journals searched for adaptive optics papers.  
•   The Establishments page lists over 100 academic and commercial establishments working on adaptive optics. It tries to provide a complete listing of all of them.  
The site is maintained by Andrew Zadrozny of Starpoint Adaptive Optics Ltd. It covers its costs by carrying advertising.  

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Atlas of Laser Scanning Ophthalmoscopy, Scheuerle Free Space Optics, Willebrand Imaging Through Turbulence, Roggemann Deep Probings, MacPherson