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adaptiveoptics.org provides news and information for the world-wide adaptive optics community.
Contact: webmaster@adaptiveoptics.org.

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Adaptive Optics Books & Journals

This page lists books and conference proceedings about adaptive optics, it provides a list of SPIE Proceedings and Pentagon Reports searched on the keyword "adaptive optics", and it lists recent dissertations and theses on topics related to adaptive optics. It also lists research papers from most of the relevant journals, searched on the keyword "adaptive optics", it provides links to some further bibliographies, a patent search facility and on-line tutorials about adaptive optics.
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Adaptive Optics Books
This section lists the leading textbooks on adaptive optics and related topics, and several significant recent conference proceedings, linked to their respective product pages on Amazon.com .  (Availability varies across national Amazon sites).
The better selling books (on Amazon ) are marked yellow, the best sellers are marked orange.
Conference Proceedings are marked with an asterisk  *.
Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics for Astronomy * N. Ageorges & C. Dainty (ed.) Springer
Adaptive Optics for Astronomy (NATO Science Series C:) * D.M. Alloin & J.-M. Mariotti (ed.) Kluwer Academic
Field Guide to Atmospheric Optics (SPIE Vol. FG02) L.C. Andrews SPIE
Laser Beam Propagation through Random Media L.C. Andrews & R.L. Phillips SPIE
Science with Adaptive Optics * W. Brandner & M. Kasper (ed.) Springer
Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 31     (pp.13–62 : Ann. Rev. download ) G. Burbidge (ed.); J.M. Beckers Annual Reviews
Selected Papers on Adaptive Optics and Speckle Imaging D.G. Crowe SPIE
Microlens Arrays D. Daly Taylor & Francis
The Adaptive Optics Revolution: A History   New: May 2009 R.W. Duffner; R.Q. Fugate U. of N.M. Press
Spatial Light Modulator Technology (Optical Engineering) U. Efron (ed.) Marcel Dekker
Introduction to Wavefront Sensors J.M. Geary SPIE
Adaptive Optics for Astronomical Telescopes J.W. Hardy Oxford U. Press  
Micro-Optics; Elements, Systems And Applications H.P. Herzig (ed.) Taylor & Francis   Matrix Computations, Golub
5th Intl. Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine W. Jiang (ed.) SPIE
Catching the Perfect Wave * J. Junor & N. Duric (ed.) A.S.P.
Adaptive Optics E. Kibblewhite & W. Wild Wiley
Adaptive Optics Engineering Handbook J. Kroening, R.K. Tyson (ed.) Marcel Dekker
High Angular Resolution in Astrophysics (NATO Science Series C:) * A. Lagrange et al. (ed). Springer
Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine: Proc. 2nd Intl. Workshop * G.D. Love (ed.) World Scientific
Atmospheric Adaptive Optics V.P. Lukin SPIE
Adaptive Beaming and Imaging in the Turbulent Atmosphere V.P. Lukin & B.V. Fortes SPIE
MOEMS: Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems M.E. Motamedi (ed.) SPIE   Python Essential Reference, Beazley
Selected Papers on Adaptive Optics for Atmospheric Compensation J.E. Pearson SPIE
Adaptive Optics for Vision Science J. Porter et al. John Wiley
Adaptive Optics in Astronomy F. Roddier (ed.) C.U.P.
Imaging Through Turbulence M.C. Roggemann & B. Welsh CRC Press
Introduction to Image Stabilization S.W. Teare & S.R. Restaino SPIE
Principles of Adaptive Optics R. Tyson Academic Press
Introduction to Adaptive Optics R.K. Tyson SPIE
Lighter Side of Adaptive Optics   New: Released Jan. 2009 R.K. Tyson SPIE
Field Guide to Adaptive Optics (SPIE Vol. FG03) R.K. Tyson & B.W. Frazier SPIE
Adaptive Mirror Micromachined in Silicon   (Ph.D. thesis) G.V. Vdovin Coronet Books
Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine: Proc. 4th Intl. Workshop * U. Wittrock (ed.) Springer-Verlag
Selected Papers on Atmospheric Optics V.E. Zuev SPIE

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>> More Books: Applications of adaptive optics
SPIE Proceedings related to adaptive optics
SPIE Proceedings
SPIE Proceedings related to adaptive optics  

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Adaptive Optics in Astronomy (Selected Papers on CD-ROM)  
Pentagon Reports  (from Storming Media and Amazon)
Storming Media is a private reseller of Pentagon Reports about science, technology, policy and military strategy. It sells unclassified U.S. federal government reports. The reports are available in printed format and as Adobe PDF downloads. The list of reports has been searched for the keyword "adaptive optics".
Pentagon Reports related to adaptive optics
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Pentagon Reports related to adaptive optics  (U.S. Site)   (U.K. Site)  
Selected reports are available through Amazon.com :
Strehl Ratio Probabilities for Phase-Only Adaptive Optics C.R. Ambrose Storming Media
Optimization Considerations for Adaptive Optics Digital Imagery ... R.T. Brigantic Storming Media

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Bunches of Books
Foundry Microfabrication of Deformable Mirrors for Adaptive Optics W.D. Cowan Storming Media
Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics for the Compensation of Amplitude ... P.N. Crabtree Storming Media
Calibration and Testing of the 6.5 M MMT Adaptive Optics System R.L. Johnson Storming Media
Linear and Non-Linear Preprocessing of Wavefront Sensor Slope ... D.A. Montera Storming Media
Performance Analysis of a Hartman Wavefront Sensor Used for ... T.D. Reeves Storming Media
Evaluation of a Maximum A-Posteriori Slope Estimator for a ... T.B. Van Caster Storming Media  
Estimation of Satellite Orientation from Space Surveillance Imagery ... G.E. Wood Storming Media
Recent Dissertations & Theses
Reconstruction of Anisoplanatic Adaptive Optics Images   (pdf file) M. Aubailly Proquest
An Adaptive Optics Search for Extrasolar Planets ...   (pdf file) D. Kaisler Proquest
Adaptive Optics With Adaptive Filtering and Control   (pdf file) Y.-T. Liu Proquest
Brown Dwarf Companions to Young Solar Analogs S.A. Metchev Dissertation.com
Control Algorithms for Large Scale Adaptive Optics   (pdf file) P. Piatrou Proquest
Ground-Based Stellar Interferometry With Adaptive Optics C. Ting Proquest
Research Papers
Chronological sort searched on keyword "adaptive optics" or on OCIS Keyword "Atmospheric and ocean optics : Adaptive optics",
except IoP and IEEE journals, which use Google Scholar search, and are sorted by Google "relevance".
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Applied Optics  (paid-for download) OSA
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  (Google Scholar search, requires IEEE login) IEEE
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering  (Google Scholar search, paid-for download) IoP
Journal of Optics A, (incl. Journal of Optics)  (Google Scholar search, paid-for download) IoP
Journal of the Optical Society of America A  (paid-for download) OSA
Nature  (paid-for download) Nature Pub. Grp.
Optics Communications  (Google Scholar search, paid-for download) Elsevier
Optical Engineering  (paid-for download) SPIE
Optics Express  (free download) OSA
Optics Letters  (paid-for download) OSA Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
Science  (paid-for download) AAAS
Further Bibliographies
CrossRef Search       [more about CrossRef] Google/CrossRef
NASA Astrophysics Data Service search of astronomy papers CDS Mirror site
Astronomical science papers with adaptive optics W.M. Keck Obs.   Optical Coherence Tomography, Bouma
Google Scholar

Patent Database at esp@cenet  (EPO; PCT; WIPO) espacenet
Patent Database at Google   (USPTO) Google
On-Line Tutorials
University of California Observatories C. MaxU.C. Santa Cruz
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory A. TokovininCTIO
For brief introductions see Adaptive Optics Associates; European Southern Observatory; Starpoint Adaptive Optics; Wikipedia.
For applications, see "Adaptive Optics and the Eye".

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