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Adaptive Optics Postdoctoral Fellowship

Institute for Astronomy,
Hawaii, U.S.A.

Job Title: Adaptive Optics Postdoctoral Fellowship ID# 28624
Posted November 10, 2008

The Institute for Astronomy adaptive optics group is a leading research group in curvature adaptive optics systems and components. We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher to join our group in developing advanced AO techniques and components. The successful candidate will help develop modeling capabilities for advanced curvature systems including the dynamic response of individual components, extended wavefront reference sources, detailed modeling of the propagation of the complex optical wavefront through the atmosphere, and new control approaches and techniques.

Experience in modeling of adaptive optics systems, finite element analysis of piezo-electric materials, and control system design is desired. Proficiency in IDL, matlab, or similar analysis packages is required. Ph.D. from an accredited college or university in Astronomy or Physics is required. Ph.D. candidates may apply but must submit evidence of Ph.D. completion upon hire.

Our group has built two 85-channel curvature adaptive optic systems (H85 and NICI/Gemini-South) and we continue to optimize them. The successful applicant will be encouraged to have an active role in analyzing data from these systems to anchor the modeling efforts. In addition, he/she may apply for access to the astronomical facilities on Mauna Kea and Haleakala, Hawaii.

This appointment is for two years with a possibility of extension to a third year. The position is located in Honolulu or Hilo, Hawaii. The annual salary will be approximately $56,500 per year and will include support for research activities.

Applications received by the closing date of January 31, 2009 will receive full consideration. Please submit the following: resume/CV; cover letter including Recruitment ID#, referral source, narrative of your qualifications for position and salary history; names, phone numbers and addresses of three supervisory references and copy of degree(s)/transcripts/certificate(s). Please also arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent by the closing date.
Science With Adaptive Optics, Brandner
You may apply online at www.rcuh.com or mail your application to

Director of Human Resources,
Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii,
2530 Dole Street,
Sakamaki Hall D-100,
Honolulu, HI 96822

or fax to (808) 956-5022 by the closing date.
If you have questions on the application process and/or need assistance, please call (808) 956-3100.

For more information about the position contact:
Mark Chun (mchun@ifa.hawaii.edu)



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