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Intellite Sued By Intel Over Similarities Of Name

Albuquerque, New Mexico – January 9, 2004:   Intellite Inc., a manufacturer of membrane deformable mirrors, is being sued by Intel Corporation over similarities of name. Negotiations between the two parties, which had been continuing for some time, have now ended with a law suit being launched by
  Intel. The ten man firm could be crippled by the action, said Intellite's president, Dennis Mansell.

Mansell remarked that his company is being "threatened by toxic legal vapors wafting across the Rio Grande". Intel, he said, "represents a new found example of corporate excess that is reminiscent of monopolies in the late 1800s". Mansell said the attack by Intel represents one of many Intel has instituted over the last few years.

Intellite, originally called Intelligent Light Solutions, is a New Mexico-based R&D company providing deformable optic systems to a global customer base. These systems provide a cost-effective way to correct aberrations in laser beam quality. Examples of applications of this technology include laser machining, photolithography, optical data storage, and vision sciences.
Modeling MEMS and NEMS, Pelesko
On another occasion, Intel explained its position on trademark protection to the Inquirer technology news web-site:

"The Intel brand is one of the most valued brands in the world. Over the years we have invested billions of dollars to create that value. Like any other asset we have an obligation to our shareholders to protect that asset. Unlike other intellectual property, trademark law requires a company like Intel to take proactive steps to protect its trademark or run the risk of losing rights in the trademark.

"Intel generally tries to work with companies and individuals to amicably resolve trademark disputes. However, we have an obligation to our shareholders to protect our brand investment, and an obligation under trademark law to proactively protect our marks."

Intellite Inc. changed its name to AgilOptics Inc. in 2005.

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