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OKO Introduces Linear Piezoelectric Deformable Mirror for Femtosecond Pulse Shaping

Delft, The Netherlands – January 4, 2006:   Flexible Optical B.V. (aka OKO Technologies) introduces a 20 channel linear piezoelectric deformable mirror for femtosecond pulse shaping.

A femtosecond (10−15 s) optical pulse is only a few wavelengths long, and hence has a very broadband optical spectrum. If the pulse is spectrally dispersed onto a linear deformable mirror (or other form of spatial light modulator), the phase at each wavelength can be individually modified. The pulse can thus be given an almost arbitrary pulse shape.
The Supercontinuum Laser Source, Alfano
OKO Linear Mirror OKO's new mirror has 10×50mm active area, controlled by two rows of 10 actuators each. Actuator pitch is 5 mm, the maximum surface deflection is 8 µm, and the figure difference between adjacent actuators can reach 3 µm. The initial figure is slightly spherical. The response time is better than 1 ms. The mirror can be custom coated with dielectrics and metal-dielectrics.

Flexible Optical B.V. develops and manufactures MEMS and piezoelectric deformable mirrors, wavefront sensors and adaptive optical systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications. The company is best known as a pioneer of micro-machined membrane mirrors – it makes the ubiquitous "OKO Mirror", a 37-actuator deformable mirror based on a silicon nitride membrane.
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