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Adaptive Optics Associates Wins Northrop Grumman Laser Designator Contract

Blackwood, New Jersey – April 10, 2006:   Adaptive Optics Associates will use its adaptive optics expertise to develop new technology for a long range laser designator/locator, in a contract from Northrop Grumman worth up to $6.5 million.
  Metrologic Instruments, Inc. today announced that the Advanced Optical Systems Division of its Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc. (AOA) subsidiary has been awarded a contract from Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems related to the High-Precision Long-Range Laser Designator/Locator (HPLD) Program. This contract, with a total potential value of $6.5M, supersedes a previously awarded and completed contract of $153,000.

This contract is multi-phased and is expected to be completed in the Third Quarter of 2009. The contract provides funding of $1,969,133 towards the current phase. This funding is expected to be expended by the Second Quarter of 2006. This contract will be incrementally funded. Payments under the contract will be made to AOA on a cost-plus-fee basis.

The objective of NGES’s HPLD Program is to develop and demonstrate new technology that will improve
Military Avionics Systems, Moir
the accuracy and range of laser designators that are used to identify targets in the battlefield. Atmospheric turbulence limits the performance of current laser designators by spreading the beam. By applying AOA’s novel atmospheric compensation technology to mitigate these errors, laser designators will have expanded utility to the war fighter by allowing him to select individual targets that may be grouped near non-targeted structures.

“AOA has been a leader in the field of Adaptive Optics for atmospheric compensation for over twenty five years and is looking forward to applying its expertise to this very challenging program,” Jeff Yorsz, AOA’s President and General Manager stated. “AOA is very pleased to be selected by Northrop Grumman for the development of novel Adaptive Optics which may improve future generations of Laser Designators.”
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