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AOptix Technologies Introduces AO-Based FSO Communications Product

Campbell, Ca. – June, 2005:   AOptix Technologies introduces the first free space optical communication system to use high order adaptive optics to reduce beam divergence. The new laser communications
  system can deliver 800-Gbit/s bandwidth with an all-optical DWDM-capable system, or 1 GigE over Ethernet.

The GT 1.0 Communicator employs a patented bidirectional adaptive optics method of beam control and achieves a range of more than 20 km with virtually zero probability of interception or detection. The portable system measures 9×13×13 in., weighs 12 kg, can be tripod-mounted and operates for over 8 h on batteries.

AOptix Technologies was set up by two experienced adaptive optics scientists from the University of Hawaii in 2000. The company obtained $18 million in venture capital financing in 2002, from investors co-led by Lehman Brothers and 3i.
Free Space Optics, Willebrand
AOptix Communicator 1.0
Technical Note:

The use of adaptive optics in an FSO communications system brings several performance advantages:

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•   It creates a narrower transmitted beam, thus increasing the link range and reducing the risk of intercept. FSO communication links without adaptive optics generally have a range of less than 5 km. Adaptive optics pre-correction on the transmitted beam also reduces the signal fade caused by scintillation.
•   Furthermore, adaptive optics can efficiently couple light from a single-mode fibre on the transmitter side into a single-mode fibre on the receiver side. This allows a "transparent" FSO link, without electrical-to-optical processing, to be implemented, opening the door to DWDM data transmission through free space.


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