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AOptix Technologies to Exhibit Adaptive Optics-Based, Stand-Off Iris Recognition System

Campbell, California – September 9, 2007:   AOptix Technologies, Inc., a leading edge developer of advanced biometric iris recognition systems announced that it is entering the fast growing iris recognition biometrics market with its proprietary adaptive optics technology. The company will premiere its fully functional 2 meter stand-off system at the upcoming Biometrics Consortium Conference (BCC) exhibition in
  Baltimore, Maryland from September 11 through 13, 2007.

Adaptive optics (AO) correct for optical distortions caused by atmospheric disturbances and target motion. First applied in deep space astronomy imaging, AO systems measure wavefront error to optimize optical performance in real-time, and typically employ deformable mirrors in a closed-loop control configuration.

In the company’s iris recognition architecture, AO technology allows for real-time tracking and focus adjustments, enabling iris image capture at unprecedented stand-off distances. The company has successfully captured high quality iris images at 18 meters, or about 60 feet, in controlled laboratory environments. For the shorter range, 2 meter cooperative system that will be exhibited at BCC, AO enables full automation of the subject acquisition and iris capture process, so that the subject merely needs to position himself in a very large volume of about
Free Space Optics, Willebrand
1 cubic meter, and look at the system. AO also provides consistently outstanding image quality, which the company believes will lead to significantly improved accuracy results.

AOptix is poised to revolutionize the human factors paradigm in iris recognition,” stated Phil Tusa, Vice President of Biometrics Programs. “Until now, the drawback of iris imagers has been subject ease-of-use. Now the subject experience will be fast and effortless, made possible by AOptix’s exclusive adaptive optics technology.”

AOptix believes that the market for iris recognition will grow substantially over the next 5 years. Leading industry studies predict market growth rates of 40% per year (AAGR) for the iris recognition modality; the company also believes that its fully automated, stand-off technology has the potential to accelerate this growth. There are a large number of prospective applications for stand-off, cooperative iris recognition, such as aviation and border crossing security, national and regional ID programs, military base and governmental facility access control security, and commercial access control security.

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Lehman Brothers and 3i Co-Lead Series B Investment in AOptix Technologies, Mar 2002.

About AOptix Technologies:  
AOptix Technologies is a privately funded company founded in 2000. With core technology expertise in the application of advanced adaptive optics, they develop free space optical communications and biometrics based identification solutions for both government and commercial markets.

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