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Researchers Develop Binocular Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator

Murcia, Spain – September 1, 2009:   Vision scientists at the University of Murcia have developed a new binocular adaptive optics visual simulator. The device, described in a paper in the journal Optics Letters,
  may have a significant impact on the way vision is tested in the future, on how vision is simulated prior to refractive surgery, and on the way spectacles are prescribed.

The binocular adaptive optics visual simulator can measure and manipulate ocular aberrations of both eyes simultaneously, while the subject performs visual testing under binocular vision.

The apparatus uses a single correcting device and wavefront sensor. Aberrations are controlled by means of a liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulator, and aberrations from both eyes are measured with a single Hartmann–Shack sensor.

The researchers examined different binocular combinations of spherical aberration. Results from the work suggest complex binocular interactions in the presence of monochromatic aberrations.
Modeling MEMS and NEMS, Pelesko
The research team expects the instrument and technique to help in the understanding of the influence of aberrations in binocular vision, and in the search for optimized ophthalmic corrections.

They believe the instrument also has great potential as a tool for the design of advanced or customized ophthalmic elements, and in particular for the systematic search of phase profiles extending depth of focus for correction of presbyopia.

The research team's leader, Prof. Pablo Artal, has more information on his blog.

Prof. Artal demonstrates the adaptive optics simulator in this video:

E.J. Fernández, P.M. Prieto, and P. Artal, "Binocular adaptive optics visual simulator,"
Optics Letters 34, 2628–2630 (2009)     (preprint)


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