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New Large-Stroke Deformable Mirror From ALPAO

Chicago, Illinois – September 16, 2009:   ALPAO, the specialist in magnetic deformable mirrors expands its Hi-Speed DM Series with a new cost-effective product. The entry-level Hi-Speed DM37™ features all  
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  the unique performances of the Hi-Speed Series within a compact size (7.5mm): low surface error, large stroke (more than 35µm for astigmatism and focus wavefront correction), low non-linearity errors (<3%), fast settling time (1ms at ± 5%) and an excellent optical silver protected coating.

This cost-effective deformable mirror has been designed for applications requiring correction of large aberration with a small size. Beam-shaping and vision sciences are among the numerous applications that will benefit from this new product.

The introduction of this new product opens new perspectives for adaptive optics as it is the first time that such large aberrations can be corrected within such a small size. The ALPAO Hi-Speed DM37 is delivered with certified and compact drive electronics for precise control. Drivers for Matlab™, LabVIEW™ and C/C++ are delivered with the deformable mirror to warrant a quick and reliable installation by the customer.
Science With Adaptive Optics, Brandner

About ALPAO:  
ALPAO is a French designer and manufacturer of adaptive optics for research and industry. ALPAO offers a complete range of adaptive optics products: very rapid deformable mirrors with large strokes, extremely sensitive wavefront sensors, and complete adaptive optics loops. All of these products have been designed and adapted according to the application: astronomy, ophthalmology, microscopy, wireless optical communications and laser. Thanks to the unrivalled performance of these products, users can recover very large resolution images.

ALPAO 37 DM37 deformable mirror
  Image:  © ALPAO


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