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CILAS Wins Two Major Contracts For Deformable Mirrors In the United States

Orléans, France – December 2, 2004:   CILAS has won two major contracts to supply deformable mirrors to US customers.

  The first contract is for the Gemini South telescope. CILAS will supply three adaptive mirrors for Gemini's multi-conjugate adaptive optics system. Each mirror will correct a specific range of turbulence altitudes. The technical breakthrough lies in the increased number – 468 in total – of 5 mm thread actuators. Until now CILAS has made mirrors featuring 200 8 mm thread actuators at the very most. The delivery will take place in Summer 2005.

This order shows a strong interest for CILAS's achievements among the international community of astronomers whose mission is to detect new planets outside our solar system. In the future such mirrors will feature up to 1,000 actuators and more.

The other contract is for Sandia Corporation, a government agency for whom CILAS will manufacture a more traditional kind of mirror. The delivery is due in the course of 2004.
Introduction to Adaptive Optics, Tyson
Both deals are of significant importance for CILAS since this is the first time that the company has won a contract against its competitors in the USA. The company believes that these two orders could trigger further success in other markets in Japan and Europe.

About CILAS:  
For more than thirty years the Company Industrielle des Lasers has been designing, manufacturing and selling systems incorporating lasers and precision optical devices for high technology applications. CILAS is leader in Europe, and is also represented world wide, with one fouth of its business volume dedicated to export.


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